26 mai 2012

DIY: Yummy popsicles!

Coup d'envoi pour les glaces...

Popsicles - Pencil Box

Avouez qu'avec cette chaleur, ça fait envie!

Yogurt//fruit popsicles - by Pencil Box

 blend plain yogurt, honey, and a splash of vanilla- set aside 
(*note- i don't use measurements...everything is added to taste. 
make sure to dip your finger in and sample a bit before moving on!)

separately, blend the flavor of popsicle fruit you want with a bit of milk 
( i use vanilla almond milk) and a sprinkle of sugar or honey. 
(for the peanut butter i used a couple of spoonfuls mixed with the almond milk and blended)

pour yogurt and fruit blends into popsicle molds (a little of each at a time) 
and swirl around with a skewer to mix. 
add popsicle stick and freeze overnight or for a few hours...

(to make the striped popsicle, pour a layer of fruit in the mold then let it freeze for about 30-45 min. 
then pour a layer of yogurt blend and add your popsicle stick. refreeze. 
repeat layering/freeze step until you fill the mold. continue freezing normally from there)

Alors, qui essaye? / So, who tries??

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